Disability Royal Commission
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Disability Royal Commission
Seeing the very good news below the headlines!

The Royal Commission continues to hear from people with disability, their families, and advocates as they share their stories. While the impacts of the pandemic have affected everyone, it is clear that people with disability have experienced particular challenges for a  range of complex reasons.

We know that disability practitioners have been working extremely hard in extraordinary circumstances to deliver the best and safest services possible. At the same time, the media is responsible for informing the public about issues and so has reported on cases where people with disability did not receive the level of support expected. Sometimes it's easy for people to think this is the full story.

It is important to take lessons from these stories where we can. It is also important to remember that the Royal Commission sometimes informs the public about the positive work of disability practitioners and the success stories across the sector. On balance, this is increasing community awareness of what you as disability practitioners do so well each day and importantly the recognition about what needs to change to support you in supporting others. and the success stories across the sector. 

Let's take the lessons we can from the news, reach below the headlines, and be inspired by the good news and the recognition of the need for more supports.

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The NDP team


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