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April 2020

Welcome to the April edition of the Ticket to Work newsletter. We have all entered a time of social distancing and hibernation; businesses have closed their doors and many of us are bunkering down. There are however, some positive insights and smile inducing stories that we want to share with you. There are also ways we can work together so when we get to the other side of this pandemic, those doors to employment swing back open for young people with disability. 

During COVID-19, we are committed to providing additional resources for the Ticket to Work networks and community partners to provide strategies and activities that can be used to support effective School to Work transition. 

To kick off the additional support, this edition will focus on parents and families, our first ever newsletter with a ‘theme’. Our recent research into the parents and families' role in School to Work transition shows that their support and expectation is key to successful employment outcomes. So why not use this time to implement strategies to have a positive impact on a child’s future? It all starts with having a conversation. It could very well be a life changing conversation. Find out how and why by watching our new parents videos. Please share these videos with other parents and families.

We continue to work towards our mission to improve employment outcomes for young people with disability. We want to hear from you! So please let us know what your resource needs are by completing this short survey, and we will endeavor to develop resources to support your requirements.

Please take care of yourself and others. NDS have put together an information and advice page for the Disability Service Sector that can be found on the NDS Coronavirus Hub.

Parent research image.

Parent engagement in school to work transition for their child with disability

This research explores the literature regarding parents experience with their child's transition from School to Work and the experiences of parents involved in Ticket to Work.
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Sue's story - parent of Michael

Sue explains that Michael comes home from work experience with a sparkle in his eye and he has a lot more confidence. His dream job is to own his own a coffee cart, where he can make biscuits and coffee and can employ other young people with disability from his school.

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Image of young person in a cafe, coffee in front of her.

Lynda's story - mother of Charlotte

Lynda now feels more positive about her daughter Charlotte finishing school. “I see more confidence in her and believe she can now go out in the workplace and feel more confident to do it independently”.
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Image of the ABC news video

Ticket to Work on ABC news breakfast

Ticket to Work was on the news! Featuring Jack, who loves his nursery job and is a 'pro' at what he does. In case you missed it, watch it right here.
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Ticket to Work Video 1 - Golden Rules

This video looks at the 6 Golden Rules for parents and families to support their child's transition from School to Work.
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Ticket to Work Video 2 - developing a vision for the future

This video explores how to support a child to develope their vision for the future. 
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Ticket to Work Video 3 - how to get from here to there

This video explores how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’. The ‘here’ is the child’s skills, interests and values and the ‘there’ is their hopes for the future.
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Image of Ticket to Work Team

Our new team members!

The Ticket to Work team is expanding in 2020, we welcome 3 new team members: Jenny Royle, Chris Kane and Kira Edwards. We also want to congratulate Amy on the birth of her daughter Lucy.  
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Image of the career journey guide

Kick-starting your child’s career journey guide 

This guide was produced in partnership with Developmental Disability WA to provide information to help families plan constructively for their child’s future employment.
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