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Ticket to Work Newsletter

October 2018

Welcome to the October edition of the Ticket to Work newsletter, bringing together information from all our networks!

We are excited to announce that Ticket to Work has been successful in receiving three years of philanthropic funding.

With this new funding, we are looking to further our mission to ensure that young people with disability are prepared and have opportunities to take an employment pathway from school.

Specifically, we want to:

  • Increase the number of employers that employ young people with disability
  • Engage and increase the skills, aspirations and knowledge of parents of young people with disability
  • Develop, implement, evaluate and communcate a model of supporting young people with significant disability into after-school work
  • Ensure strong, viable Ticket to Work programs are sustainable and with high-quality services by the end of 2020
  • Ensure strong, viable Ticket to Work networks that are well-supported and have tools at hand to assist young people with significant disability improve employability. 
For more information, see the Ticket to Work website.
Up coming training
young man typing at a computer

Introduction to Customised Employment Techniques

Parkville: 27  and 28 November 2018

This two-day specialised training program focuses on how to use the Customised Employment approach and Discovery Process. Gaelen Williams from National Disability Services has been training NDIS providers, families and Disability Employment Services (DES) in these techniques as part of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s school-to-work project in Western Australia. The project gives secondary students from Years 10 and above support to achieve open employment or self-employment in the community.
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two women talking to each other in front of a notebook

Development Training

Parkville: 5 December 2018

Micro-enterprise is a relatively untapped but legitimate and often successful employment option. It is a business that operates on a small scale, filling a niche in the marketplace. It can even be a business within a business, established around an individual’s interests and hobbies.

Micro-Enterprise Development Training supports people with disability to discover, explore and develop their own micro-enterprise or small business. It is a tried, tested and award-winning program that offers real choice and control to its participants. 
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two women looking down at a paper

Transition to Work for Young People with Disability using the Customised Employment Approach and Discovery Process for Parents

People with disability have the capacity and ability to take part in meaningful work of their choice when provided with the right employment strategies and supports. This training has been developed to assist parents to support their children achieve suitable, sustainable and meaningful employment results.

Date: 30 November 2018
Register: or (02) 6283 3206

Date: 29 of November 2018
Register: or (02) 6283 3206

December 2017 results

Since Ticket to Work went national at the beginning of 2014, our networks have created thousands of opportunities for young people with significant disability. We have shown that, when given the right opportunity and support, young people with significant disability can achieve sustainable employment.

January 2014-December 2017 Outcomes 

2,820 Young people with disability commenced in work experience and work preparation activities
1,232 Jobs have been created for young people with significant disability
1,960 Employers across a diverse range of sectors have supported young people in their workplaces
261 Schools are offering Ticket to Work activities to their students with disability
373 Organisations and agencies are now part of 31 Local Ticket to Work Network across Australia.

Find a further breakdown of our data here.

Latest research and papers
CADR report cover page which reads: Effective school to employment transitions for young people with disability. A Rapid review of literature. Image is of a girl smiling and looking away from the camera.

Research to Action: School to Employment Transitions 

This Research to Action Guide presents the important things to know for young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia.
Full document here

Two binders next to each other with the NDS logo.
Submission to the Inquiry into Career Advice Activities in Victorian Schools

As reported in NDS’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training, many young people with disability are not transitioning from school effectively, and the education and employment gap between young people with disability and those without disability has increased. This paper explores these issues in depth.
Full response here

Success stories

Here are stories that have been in the media recently. They highlight the fabulous achievements of young people involved in Ticket to Work and our network members.

Ken Baker with Minister Hon Wade Noonan standing in front of a cake with ttw program participants

1,000 jobs launch 

Over 1,000 young people have found work through Ticket to Work. We celebrated our 1000 jobs success with Minister Hon Wade Noonan.
Read full story here

Ken Baker with Julian McAlpine, a Year 11 student on sky news

Sky News: Ticket to Work program supporting young people with disability to find work 

Sky News broadcast a segment on Ticket to Work featuring NDS Chief Executive Ken Baker and Julian McAlpine, a Year 11 student and canteen worker.
Read full story here
Julian holding a basketball, walking in a park

Julian's Story

Julian and his girlfriend want to get married in 2026 and he is saving for his future to buy a house and a car. Julian says, “When I am grown up, I want a job during the week, like my mum and dad … I want a job so I can get my own money and put it in the bank.”
Read full story here

Lachlan Ward Curran in the supermarket standing in front of magazines

Lachlan Ward Curran 

I decided to do a school-based traineeship to learn about life outside of the school environment," Said Lachlan.
Read full story here

Fara standing at an aisle in Bunnings

Fara's Story 

A retail traineeship was the perfect match for school student Fara's first job. 

"Fara has the gift of customer service for sure - smiling and communicating, so retail was a great choice for his traineeship," Phillip said. 
Read full story here

Simu standing in a car park, smiling and looking at the camera

Simu's Story 

Simu says the traineeship has really boosted his confidence and ability to talk to customers and employees, which he previously found challenging due to a speech impairment.
Read full story here

A message from the national Ticket to Work Team

We would like to thank everyone that has supported and been involved in Ticket to Work.

Please get in touch if you would like to support, be involved or would like more information:

Amy Scott
Partnerships & Development Coordinator
National Disability Services
M:   (03) 8341 4326