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Ticket to Work Newsletter

September 2017

Bringing you all the latest news and updates on the national
Ticket to Work initiative

Ticket to Work creates 1000 jobs 
The Ticket to Work networks across Australia have now created over 1000 jobs for students with significant disability – a major milestone for the initiative. Most of these jobs are school-based traineeships but also include after-school work and micro businesses.  

Ticket to Work believes that every young person has the right to an employment pathway. Our mission is to ensure that young Australians with disability have the opportunities to exercise that right.

Ticket to Work prepares young people for the world of work and provides them with an open employment pathway in their transition from school. It does this through a combination of career development and early contact with work environments.

Ticket to Work is delivered through a network of schools, employment services, post-school providers and employers.

Key outcomes (January 2014 - June 2017)

  • 2,689 young people with disability started work experience and work preparation activities
  • 1,038 jobs have been created for young people with significant disability
  • 1,565 employers across a diverse range of sectors have supported young people in their workplaces
  • 218 schools offering Ticket to Work activities to their students with disability
  • 528 organisations and agencies are now part of 31 Local Ticket to Work Networks across Australia
More information on Ticket to Work outcomes are available here 

New funding means more after-school jobs

At Ticket to Work, we believe that after-school jobs are a 'rite of passage' for adolescents and should be available to young people with disability. In Australia, however, there are few or no supports for students with disability to participate in after-school jobs. With generous funding from the Ian Potter foundation and the Victorian State Government, Ticket to Work Networks will prepare, gain and sustain after-school work for students with disability. We will also take the opportunity to research the effect of participation in after-school work for both students with disability and their employers.

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Customer Employment Workshop

Geelong: 20-21 November 2017
ACT: 23-24 November 2017
Support people with significant disability achieve open employment or self-employment by attending specialised training in using the Customised Employment Approach and Discovering Process. Sessions will be led by Gaelen Williams from NDS, who has been training the sector in these techniques as part of the NDIA’s school-to-work project in Western Australia.
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Enhance Employment Opportunities for Young People with Significant Disability

This paper outlines the gap in policy and practice in Australia that affects the capacity of a young person with disability to take an open employment pathway. It also highlights the Ticket to Work model and its success in improving the school to work transition for young people with significant disability.
 Full document here

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Federal Inquiry into School to Work Transition 

As reported in NDS’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training, many young people with disability are not transitioning from school effectively, and the education and employment gap between young people with disability and those without disability has increased. This paper explores these issues in depth.
Full document here

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The journey to employment for young people with disability

Written by NDS’s research arm, the Centre for Applied Disability Research, this review explores the journey to employment for young people with disability. This involves exploring current and recurring themes in research literature, considering the perspectives of several stakeholder groups, and identifying some common barriers and facilitators to seeking, obtaining and retaining employment.
Full document here

These stories highlight the fabulous achievements of young people involved in Ticket to Work and our network members.

Blake Kirkbride
Blake Kirkbride

Blake Kirkbride initially connected with Ticket to Work through EPIC Assist in Maryborough. EPIC worked with Blake to help him  achieve his career goals in horticulture.
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Sarah Wardle
Sarah Wardle

Sarah works in the HR department for Serco at Fiona Stanley Hospital in a role that was designed to make the most of her skills and abilities. Commenting on her job, she recently said “I love my job. I love that I can help everyone and that I am part of the team.”
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Elias Joslin

Elias Joslin

Elias is a recent school leaver from Busselton who is working as a trolley collector while preparing for his future. His salary means he can save towards his goal to study Information Technology.
Read full story here

NDS recently presented at two international conferences on Ticket to Work, including Workability International in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Symposium in Vietnam. Presentations were focused on how improving outcomes for people with disability through the Vocational Education and Training system can lead to work opportunities.
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In May, Bega Valley business chambers, schools, career services and other supporters collaborated to create a new Ticket to Work network in the area. Focusing on school-based traineeships/apprenticeships, the partners will work together to source jobs and prepare young people with disability for the world of work.
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Ticket to Work booklet

This introductory booklet offers an overview on the initiative, including our history, mission, how it works and participant testimonials.
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Guide to setting up an Australian School based Traineeships

Developed to assist Disability Employment Service providers in setting up a school-based traineeship/apprenticeship for students with disability, this comprehensive booklet covers everything from fees to FAQs.
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A message from the National Ticket to Work team

We would like to thank everyone that has supported and been involved in Ticket to Work. Visit the Ticket to Work website to see a list of our supporters and testimonials.

Please get in touch if you would like to support us, get involved or find out more.

Michelle Wakeford
National Ticket to Work Manager, NDS
M:   0413 750 745