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NDS Resources Update

Resources, tools and products for the disability sector

This week, we bring you the latest on DES reforms with our video webinar (including transcript) by Kerrie Langford. Have a look, as well, at some timely offers to help simplify your day-to-day work life, including access to leading Australian disability journals at hugely discounted rates, and savings on gas, electricity and car rentals.
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2018 DES Reforms Briefing with Kerrie Langford

This webinar with Kerrie Langford discusses the key features of the DES paper that was released in June.
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Free Audits of Electricity and Gas Bills

Specialist Energy Management provides professional energy brokering and energy management services.
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Disability Journal Subscription

Access two leading Australian disability journals online at discounts of more than 90 per cent as an NDS Organisational Member or Research Affiliate.
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Thrifty Car Rental

Access discounted car rental services with Thrifty Car Rental as an NDS Organisational and Associate Member.
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